What To Do And What Not To Do When Decorating Your Rental Home

Friday, July 27th, 2018
White paint and paint brush

Renting a home should not mean you cannot add some personal touches to your decorating. A home should always reflect the personality of the resident, so you should be able to use some of your own colors and style. There are some do’s and don’ts to follow when approaching any new decorating ideas on your rental home.

Receive permission first

The first step to performing any decorating tasks in a rental home is to seek permission from the owner. While most landlords will be appreciative of your efforts, it is their house, so they should be consulted before you make any large changes. It is also imperative to ask about any reimbursements you may get and receive a written acknowledgement from the landlord that any costs will be compensated.

Consider window coverings

There are a variety of ways you can cover your windows. Window treatments do not have to cost a lot and can save you money on energy bills. Blinds and curtains are also a great way to introduce your flair for color and design into your rooms. Do not make any hardware changes as to how the current coverings are hung without consulting the landlord. All changes to a home that require drilling or pounding holes into the wall of the structure should have prior approval.

Painting rooms

Most people have specific colors that they love and often want to paint walls and ceilings when moving into a new rental home. Since most properties are repainted in between tenants, you may ask if your input on color choice can be considered. You can even ask that you be allowed to paint rooms the color of your choice if you are willing to provide the labor. Landlords may consider and appreciate your request to do your own painting and agree with the colors you’ve chosen.

One definite “don’t” with painting your new rental home is painting over any natural wood. This restriction includes the baseboards and moldings, which should be left or redone in their present finishing.

Stay away from wallpaper

Wallpaper is not an easy product to install or remove. Your landlord may not look favorably on a choice to wallpaper a room. There are alternatives to wallpaper that are easier to work with such as decals, paint stencils, or even the new peel-away wallpaper. These choices will allow you to use your imagination and creativity just as wallpaper would, without the hassle or damage.

Maximize the space in your rental

Increasing the amount of storage space you have should be easy and affordable. Without changing the structure of the house, you can add carts or tables into corners for storing or setting items. Bookcases are great for placing against large wall spaces to give you more cupboards and shelves. Check with your landlord before installing any permanent shelving, but this option could also give you more space to set some of your decorative items.

Moving is always a great time to discard unnecessary items and make a fresh start. If you have items you never use, moving might be a good time to donate or sell them. If you plan on buying new items, you can look at the design and colors of your rental home to help you decide what would look best.

Alternative lighting

You can easily change the lighting in your rent home. Bring along your own fixtures like lamps or consider purchasing new ones. If you remove any fixtures currently in the house, like ceiling fans, you must make sure to replace them before leaving. Different chandeliers can produce different amounts of light. You can also install lights into closets with approval from the landlord to add a useful and personal touch.

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