Tips For Pet Owners Looking For A Rental Home

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017
cat in new home

When it comes to cats and dogs, you might find it challenging to find a home that you can rent which welcomes your four-legged friends. Below are six tips to help you find the ideal pet-friendly rental.

Look for advertisements from pet-friendly landlords

In rental home listings, landlords will usually specify if pets are welcome or if they have a ‘no pet’ policy. You do not want to move into a rental without disclosing that you have brought your animals with you. This is especially true if the landlord has posted a sign or has a ‘no animal’ policy. You would be in breach of contract and could be evicted from your rental home if you are found out.

Ask the landlord

It never hurts to ask, or negotiate with the landlord of a rental home, about the policy. You need to be able to “sell” the idea of your furry friend as an additional tenant who will not do damage to the dwelling. You can explain to the landlord what kind of measures you will take to ensure that your pet will be well-behaved. If the landlord is still unsure about renting to you, offering a pet deposit may swing their favor in your direction.

Get reference letters for your pet

A reference letter helps you in applying for a job or a rental home. You might want to consider asking a neighbor or your current landlord if they would be willing to provide a reference letter about your pet. This can help persuade the landlord that you and your pets are a good risk.

Make a pet resume

It may help your case with a potential landlord to show him or her your pet’s “resume”. It should include vet information, vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and any obedience training your pet has completed.

Be aware of extra fees associated with renting when you own a pet

Often, the landlord of a rental home will charge an extra security deposit for including your pet in the lease. This fee can be held to pay for any damage that may be caused. If you keep things clean and damage free, you may be able to claim the security deposit when you move out of your rental home. Another way they could charge you more for having a pet is to add an extra amount onto your monthly rent.

Buying renters insurance may be required

Renters insurance is usually purchased to protect your belongings from theft or damage. It might also include protection if your pet causes injury to someone. To satisfy contract guidelines, a landlord may require the purchase of renters insurance.

It might be a little more work to find a good rental home if you own a pet. However, some preparation and negotiation can help you find a good home for your entire family, even those with four legs.

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