Renting A Single-Family House Made Easy

Monday, September 9th, 2019
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Many people choose to live in apartments while they are single, but move into a single-family house once they are married. There are benefits to both depending on the stage of life you are in. Whether you have rented apartments as a single renter or as a family, there are some benefits you will see from renting a home instead.

  • You can have more privacy
  • There will be more space for your family
  • You can enjoy a yard
  • You will have your own parking
  • You will get more value for your money

Besides these benefits, you should also know how to find a great rent house. The following may help you decide that it is time to rent a single-family home.

Pay attention to location

It may seem like cost should be the first thing you look at before renting a home, but the location is just as important. When you are on your own, location may not be as important. But, once you start a family, your priorities may change. This is true whether you are just looking out for your spouse or plan on having children.

You have many options when choosing a location for a rent house. You must consider your commute to work, the safety of the area, and the schools available to your children if you have any. You will also need to think about any attractions and shopping in the area.

Create a budget

You can do this step before, alongside, or after you choose a location. But, you will need to do this before you can make any concrete plans for renting a home. Discuss your income with your spouse and see if there is any room for higher rent if you cannot agree on a set amount. Never rent a house that is above your abilities to pay for.

Looking at houses for rent

Once you have a location and budget set, you can begin looking at houses. Your first instinct will be to look at the features you like and the ones you dislike. Besides indoor aesthetics, you should look at some other aspects of each potential rent home.


You can ask the landlord about any security features the rent house may have including alarm systems and extra locks on the property. You should create a list that you can use at every property to check for basics like secure windows and doors, outdoor lighting, and strong fences.

Outdoor features

If you are looking to get out of the confines of an apartment and move into a home, you are probably interested in having a yard. Inspect each front and back yard to make sure it is adequate for your specific needs. You may want a larger yard for a pet or would rather have trees at the expense of a spacious yard.

Amount of space

Single-family home renters don’t always choose their house to start a family. But, for those that do, the amount of space the house has will be vital. Smaller homes are fine for couples, but you will need more room if children are in your future. Remember to keep this in mind when choosing a rent house.

Other tips for renting a single-family home

Here are some other tips that can help make the process of finding and renting a house easier for you and your family.

  1. Consider current and possible future bills in your budget.
  2. Make sure you do a full inspection of the home or hire someone who can do inspections. This includes checking to make sure all of the utilities work and that the house is pest-free.
  3. Follow all rules in the rental agreement.
  4. Stay on good terms with your landlord at all times. They may have other homes available if your family grows in the future.
  5. You may have to make sacrifices to avoid arguing with your spouse when looking for a rent home.
  6. Make sure you can have pets if you own any.
  7. Watch out for certain red flags when doing your research and talking to landlords.

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