Renting A Home With Roommates? Reduce Conflict With These 5 Tips!

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017
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It can be an interesting exercise in patience and negotiation when you search for a rental home with a spouse or friend. Because everyone has different needs and wants, conflict can pop up in all kinds of ways. Meeting everyone’s checklist for the perfect rental can seem nearly impossible. It is a good idea to sit down and have a talk about expectations before you begin looking for rental houses. Thinking about each other’s personalities and habits is useful when you are considering features you would like to have in a rental home. Here are some of the most common conflicts people find themselves in during this process and how to prevent them.

Trouble making a choice

If one of you have looked at several homes and still cannot make up your mind, you have a tortoise-and-hare problem. Slow decision makers miss rentals that are in great demand at a great price because they move off the market quickly. Faster renters might get themselves into a home too quickly and find that they hate it. No one is satisfied in this scenario.

The solution to this problem is to determine exactly what you want and keep your search within your determined needs. Do not tempt yourself by looking at something that you can “make do” with when you have specific desires. By limiting your search to a list of must-haves, you run less risk when you are ready to jump into renting.

Choosing between urban and suburban areas

Your preference of lifestyle is what will influence where you want to rent a house. If you like the nightlife and close proximity to shopping and dining, consider urban rentals. If you are ready to start a family, suburban living might be more your style. Be sure to consider commute times, square footage, and neighborhoods with your roommate. You can find some compromises, but if you are not in agreement with the person you are renting with, you both may have to sacrifice something.

Arguing over cost

For the sake of peace, you should determine what your price point is for renting before you search for a rental home. Make sure to include amenities, monthly expenses, and your commute in the price of the home you want. Having a determined price range helps the budget-conscious feel comfortable, while allowing the free spirit spender the ability to pick and choose in that range.

Choosing a lease term

Couples should discuss how long they want to rent before they look at homes. The focus on features will change if this is just a temporary place to stay until you are ready to buy or look for a permanent place. Factors that influence this decision are employment, schools in the area, family status, and other life changes that could occur. Depending on your situation, you might want to look at a 6 month lease or an 18 month lease. Many times, landlords like to end leases during the spring or summer to find new tenants.

Considering how often you will be in the rental home

If you plan to travel, or be out of the home doing activities on your days off, you might be considered a weekend warrior. This lifestyle will influence your rental home choice differently than a homebody who would prefer to curl up with a cup of coffee and a book. If you and your roommate have these different outlooks, search for rent houses that meet everyone’s needs.

If you are never home, you might want to get a smaller and less expensive house so you can save the extra cash. However, if you will be there often, make sure the rental home meets your needs so that you do not have the desire leave.

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