Living with Kids in a Rent House

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021
kids at the park on a tire swing

Living with kids is very different from living alone. When searching for the right home, you will want to look for places that are in a good location. Of course, for many, the end goal is to own a home with a big backyard and white picket fence, but that isn’t always affordable at first. Living in an apartment or rent home can be a good experience for you and your family, and we have tips that can help you out.

Find friendships and community

All children need some type of social interaction, so look for places that are family-oriented and welcome kids. If available, attend groups and activities which will help you and your family make friends with other families in your neighborhood.  

Explore nearby outdoor spaces

Apartment complexes are notorious for not having private or personal outdoor spaces for children to run and play. For outdoor activities, you will have to look for parks or recreational and nature spots nearby. Outdoor activities are great for promoting physical exercise and health for both you and your children. This is why rent homes are a better option for families, especially those with yards. 

Make sure you have enough space

Apartments don’t have much storage, so if you choose to live in one, you can only really have necessities. If you rent a house, you will have more space for your things and for your kid’s items. 

Decorate where you can

Making a space of your own while renting can be challenging.  However, there are plenty of ways to help you and your kids feel at home as long as you live there. A lot of parents like to display their kid’s art, drawings, and report cards on their refrigerator. Get the children involved by having them pick out curtains and decor options for their rooms. If you are not allowed to paint, photos and pictures can brighten and personalize any neutral walls.

Have family game nights

When the children cannot go outside due to weather, you can plan a family game night. Bring out board games, cards, play some hide-and-go-seek, color pictures, or read books, along with a host of other activities. By doing this, it will keep them active and engaged, instead of watching TV or playing on iPads all day.

Get your kids involved in the kitchen

Cooking is another good activity to do with your children. Start out with simple recipes they can learn to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also teach them how to bake cookies and other fun desserts. By doing this, they can learn hands-on skills that they will use all their lives. Find out what their favorite dishes are and have them start planning the meals they want to learn to make. Remember, rent houses usually have larger kitchens than apartments

Get involved in community programs and activities

Always try to get your children involved with programs in your community.  Not only will it get them out of the house, but they will make new friends, learn new skills, and broaden their horizons. For kids of all ages, any activity is a healthy interaction, whether it’s taking swimming lessons, participating in sports, or being a part of a music program.

Making the most out of your rent home

Living with children does have its challenges at times, but they are fast learners.  Kids really don’t look at how much space, money, or toys they have. What they do care about is the time they spend with their family and friends and the memories they can look back at in the future. 

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