How To Get Your Deposit Back With Pets

Friday, February 17th, 2023
renting with pets in Amarillo, TX

How To Get Your Deposit Back With Pets

When you rent a home you want to get as much of your deposit back as possible when you move-out, especially if you’re renting with a pet. However, not every renter knows what steps to take before, during, or after renting a space. In this short guide, we teach you how to get your deposit back with pets.

Before Moving In

When searching for a rental property, you can expect your furry friends to factor into the cost of your monthly rent. What you’ll pay at the start of your lease and each month depends on the specifics of your contract and the property owner. For example, some might charge an application fee or have other guidelines, so you should thoroughly read all the details before you sign your lease.

Some property owners have weight restrictions, typically between 20 and 50 pounds, for accepting pets. Most places have breed restrictions as well. Make sure to do your research beforehand so you know if your pets are allowed or not. Important terms to know include:

  • Pet Fee: Property owners often charge a fee to have your pet in the space. This is usually non-refundable.
  • Pet Deposit: This security deposit helps cover damage your pet causes; the amount the owner refunds can vary, depending on whether or not your pet damages the space.
  • Pet Rent: This is a non-refundable monthly rent payment for your pet.

While Living in Your Rented Space

If you wish to get your full deposit back with pets, you should take the following measures while you live in your rented property:

  • Pet-proof and protect any areas or objects your animal could damage or knock over.
  • Clean up after your pet if they have an accident inside.
  • Bathe them regularly
  • Train your animal to be well-behaved in public, and clean up after them immediately.

Sometimes, your pet causes issues, and it can be unavoidable. Your renter’s insurance might cover injury liability but is unlikely to include property damage from your pet. You should check your policy, so you know exactly what it does or doesn’t cover.

Preparing to Move Out

Getting your security deposit back can help you as a renter, and the property owner will appreciate you thoroughly cleaning the space as you’re moving out. Open windows for fresh air, assess and repair any damages, perform a walkthrough, and prepare your pet for the change.

You’ll have a better reputation as a renter if you leave the place clean or cleaner than you found it. Now that you know how to get your deposit back with pets, you’re ready to find your next rental.

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