How Do The Seasons Affect The Rental House Market?

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017
door of new home

It may go without saying that the most ideal time to shop for a rent house is when you need one and can afford the move. However, there are some things to keep in mind that could make certain parts of the year better times than others. The city you live in is also going to play a big role in the most ideal time. The following are a few pros and cons for each season when looking for a rental house.

Spring and summer offer choice, but competition

Many people start to consider a move when the weather gets warmer. This makes sense because the warmer temperatures are more ideal for scouting neighborhoods outside and visiting open-houses. Cold weather tends to make people want to stay inside. Also, the busy shopping season around the holidays may make some hesitate to spend more money.

Many experts in real estate will advise selling a house in the spring rather than winter. These same rules also tend to apply to landlords who have vacancies to fill.

As a shopper in the rent house market, this can mean a couple of things for you. First, you will have more abundant options in months with warmer weather. If you are looking for the best selection, wait until the weather warms up. The downside is that you will also be met with greater competition in the market, as the warm weather motivates more prospective renters. Moving companies also tend to charge more by the hour during warmer months due to the higher competition. This is worth considering even if you are planning the move alone, as rental truck costs and shipping fees also tend to go up.

Fall and winter offer good bargains, but less selection

Fall and winter can offer some unique opportunities for great deals. If you want to save money, colder weather months are ideal for finding the best rental properties. Moving companies and rental trucks will have lower prices, and you are more likely to be able to negotiate for a better rent rate. Because of the weather you will also have less competition.

The downside to looking for a rental house in the fall or winter is that you will have to contend with the weather. Not many people want to get out in the cold to drive through neighborhoods or go to open houses, including landlords. Because of this, you may be able to find a landlord that is offering incentives to fill vacancies quickly during the winter months. However, you may have to deal with some snow and ice or other inclement weather during your move-in.

Where you live plays a role

These general rules tend to hold true everywhere, with the exception of southern areas that stay warm year-round. If you live in, or are planning to move to a college town, you will see your options rise and fall with the students. As they move in and out of town, you will likely find fewer options close to campus as the fall term nears. In this case, it may prove useful to look for places after graduation or as summer begins.

Always remember to take some time to get to know the neighborhood in which you plan to live. Find out what amenities are nearby, learn the climate and how tourism may affect the area. These things can affect the rental market when it comes to pricing. Locals are an invaluable resource when looking for a new rent house, so consider asking around if you are moving to a new city.

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