Guide For First Time Renters

Tuesday, December 20th, 2022
first time renters

Renting a house carries numerous responsibilities that catch many first-time renters off guard. Here’s a short guide on what to expect during the renting process.

Stay Within Your Budget

Renting a home can become expensive rather quickly. Paying rent, parking fees, the security deposit, and purchasing renter’s insurance can add up over time, requiring you to budget accordingly. Assess the home’s monthly rent and fees before committing to a specific property to ensure it doesn’t surpass your budget.

If you fall in love with a rental property that’s a bit out of your price range, consider finding a roommate to help with house payments. Roommates reduce the financial burden by paying a portion of the rent and bills. However, always ask your landlord if you can get a roommate before beginning your search. Some landlords don’t want extra occupants and can fine or evict you if they find someone else living in your home without their permission.

Have Everything Prepared for Your Rental Application and Credit Check

Getting approved for a house rental often takes time, especially if you’re a first-time renter. However, preparing your information beforehand ensures a more efficient and less time-consuming approval process, allowing you to move into your new rental property without delay. Always prepare the following before applying for a house rental.

  • social security card
  • Photo ID
  • Recent pay stubs

Having these items in order before applying for a rental property will help the landlord verify your information faster and allow you to move into the home quicker.

Document Blemishes During Your Walk Through

Once the landlord approves you for the rental property, schedule a walk-through to document any broken appliances or damage affecting the home. Examine the cabinets, lights, walls, and devices for issues, and write down any problems you discover. Taking pictures of property damage and broken appliances will also prove you aren’t responsible for the imperfections.

Documenting blemishes affecting your rental property during the walk-through will prevent the landlord from charging you for the damage when you move out. It also informs the landlord of what to fix before you settle in your new home.

Thinking About Renting a House?

If you’re a first-time renter and want to learn more about renting a house, contact Highland Park Village in Amarillo, Texas. We offer a unique rental experience at great prices. Call us at (806) 335-1451 or send us an email for more information.