Follow These Hacks To Make Moving Into Your Rental Home Easier

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018
Moving into a rental home

Moving into a rental house can be stressful and full of unexpected expenses. You may have to pay for more boxes than you expected or you may have problems packing your items safely. The following are some tips you can use to save money and make your move easier.

Look for free boxes

One unnecessary expense that some people get caught up in is buying new moving boxes. The free section on for sale websites, grocery stores, warehouses, and clothing stores are all good places to find boxes for your move. If your place of employment goes through boxes, you can also ask to take those. Reusing them is cheaper, convenient, and will help you reduce waste.

Keep your clothes on hangers

Leave all your clothes on their hangers, then zip tie the hangers together in manageable bunches and wrap the bundles in plastic. Once you get to your new rental home, all you have to do is hang them up. You can also cover your clothes with a clean trash bag to protect them during the move. Clothes packed in this manner can be stacked in your back seat or trunk easily.

Adjust and use furniture drawers

To prevent scratches on other pieces of furniture, remove the handles and knobs from your furniture with drawers. Put them in a zip bag, seal it, and tape it to the inside of the drawer. You can also think about putting smaller items in the drawers to save space in your boxes. Be sure that drawers cannot open during the move if you do this.

Use a color coding system

Keeping boxes organized and making sure they get into the right room once you move can be a challenge. You can mark boxes with the corresponding colors of the rooms where they belong with a marker or tape. For example, the bathroom boxes can have blue tape and the living room boxes can be marked with red tape. Finding the stuff you need immediately becomes much easier when using this type of system. Also, writing exactly what is in each box can save you time when looking for individual items.

Packing your dishes more efficiently

Replacing broken dishes is expensive. To avoid this, you should pack plates vertically, much like vinyl records. They are less likely to break while moving when packed this way. You can also store your bowls this way if you have enough packing materials.

Pictures and mirrors deserve special treatment

Your picture frames and mirrors should be packed with extra care. Wrap them up in bubble wrap like you would a present, and secure the outside with tape. When your done, be sure to put an “X” on the side with the glass. Place these items inside a box, filling any empty space with paper and make sure they are stored vertically.

Use towels and sheets to save money

Save money on wrapping paper and bubble wrap by using linens and towels for your fragile items. By doing this, everything gets packed, there is less waste, and you save time when packing and unpacking. You can also use any old blankets or quilts you do not want to pack larger furniture tighter.

Move your T.V. carefully

One way to move your T.V. is by wrapping the screen with a towel and building a custom box to move it in. If you have saved your box and packing material from when you purchased the TV, use those instead. Make sure to move and store flat screens upright to prevent damage and do not stack anything heavy against them.

Covering holes in the walls

Whether you have put small or large holes in your walls, your old landlord will want them to be covered or filled. Speak with them about filling the holes yourself and ask them to come over to view the damage. If they are willing to let you do the work, it will save you both money and will help you get your rental deposit back. If large holes have damaged too much drywall, this may be better left to your landlord.

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