Advice For First Time Renters

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022
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Are you a first time renter? If so, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Renting may seem confusing and complicated, but with the right advice, it can be an easy experience. Here are some tips to help make your first time renting go as smoothly as possible.

Plan Ahead

Before you sign a lease, you should always tour or look at the space you’re moving into. Take pictures so you can plan out how you want to decorate and figure out what you need to buy. It’s better to start shopping for your home before you move, so you can unpack, decorate, and not worry about what else you need to buy. Seeing the space before you move will make it easier to shop for furniture, decor, and appliances because you know the space and how much room you have.

If you aren’t able to shop in advance, knowing the space will give you the chance to save up for the things you want in your home!

Prioritize Essentials Before Moving

A helpful tip for first time renters is to keep a box of everyday essentials before you move. This should include things you use everyday and can get to easily without having to dig through boxes to find. Things like toiletries, clean sheets, towels, clothing, chargers, etc. This is important so you don’t have to unpack everything the first day.

Add Personal Touches

Moving out on your own for the first time gives you the opportunity to make your home look and feel however you want! The best way to make a space feel like your own is to decorate with your favorite items. Having artwork, pictures, decor, and more will add personality to your home.

Organization And Storage

An important tip for first time renters is to invest in ways to organize. Having options like baskets, shelves, and containers for storage will save space and reduce clutter. Take advantage of anywhere you can store things, whether it’s in dressers, under the bed, or in the closet.

Choose Your Roommates Wisely

When choosing a roommate, the most important thing to look for is someone who is reliable. You want someone who you can trust to pay their half of rent and bills. It’s important that they’re responsible as well. Make sure they will clean up after themselves and do their part of the shared chores. It’s also important that you get along with this person. You’ll be living with them, so you want to make sure it’s someone you enjoy being around!

Thinking About Renting A House?

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a great first time renting experience! To learn more about renting a house, contact Highland Park Village in Amarillo, Texas. We offer a unique rental experience at great prices. Call us at (806) 335-1451 or Send Us an email for more information about our Floor Plans and Specials.