9 Steps To Help You Find Pet Friendly Rental Homes

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018
finding houses for rent in amarillo texas that allow pets

If you have a pet, it can be a challenge to find rental homes that will accept you and your animal. Many places have breed or weight restrictions for dogs, or they do not accept certain types of pets at all. Here are a few guidelines you can use for finding houses for rent that allow pets.

Don’t wait to look for pet friendly rental homes

Moving is stressful enough without procrastinating when you need to find rental houses that accept pets. You should start checking with rental agencies and real estate agents at least six weeks before you have to find a new place to live. Giving yourself enough time will reduce your stress and let you look at more options.

Think about how the landlord feels about pets

If you think about it, you can understand why some rental communities or landlords do not want pets on their property. They may have had a bad experience with a pet owner who did not pick up messes or confine their animal properly. Some renters even let their animals damage the inside of rental homes. It is your duty to be a responsible pet owner who cares for their animal, and has respect for your neighbors and landlord.

Check with local rescues

Pet shelters may keep lists of houses for rent that allow pets or at least may know of a few in the area. It might be to your advantage to find a landlord who will be sympathetic to helping you find a place where you and your pet can live. The free apartment guide books available at stands in grocery stores and gas stations will also list rental homes that welcome pets.

Prove that you are a responsible pet owner

Your appeal of any no-pet policy will be more effective if you provide as much documentation as possible about your animal. First, documents like a letter of reference from the landlord you are currently renting from can help prove you are responsible. Written proof of a dog training class that your adult dog has completed, or that you have your puppy enrolled in, can also be helpful. Finally, a letter from your vet that says your pet has met all recommended treatments and appointments can be a great reference.

Know who you should make appeals to

Make a request to the group or individual that has the authority to waive the no-pet rule for you. This may be the owner of the rental home or a property manager. Speaking with the right person can help you get a rental you may otherwise not be able to rent.

If you are really interested in moving into a place with a no-pet policy, ask if a previous irresponsible tenant was the cause of the no-pet rule. Finding out any past issues will help you present a stronger case for your pet.

Speak about why you will be a great tenant

Share with the landlord that cleanliness is very important to you. Let them know that you have house trained your pet, or that it is litter box trained. State that you always pick up your dog’s excrement outside and properly dispose of it.

A pet owner makes a great renter. This is because it is a little more difficult for you to find a place to live with a pet. You are more likely to stay put once you find a rental house that allows pets.

Offer to have the landlord meet your pet

Invite the manager or owner to meet your pet where you currently live, or offer to bring the animal in to meet them. A well behaved pet that is clean and well groomed helps sell the idea of letting you rent because you are a responsible pet owner.

If a rental won’t allow pets, consider a different one

Trying to persuade management or a landlord that you are a good pet owner when they have a no-pet policy might not help. Landlords that own rental homes or condos are usually easier to convince that you will be responsible than an apartment property manager. Your best option is to look for a landlord that welcomes pet owners and has a policy in place.

What to ask a landlord that does allow pets

If you find a rental home where you can have your pet, you should still ask questions. The landlord will want to know that you are interested in following their policies. If a pet deposit is required, be sure to pay that as soon as possible along with any other fees.

Looking for houses for rent in Amarillo, TX that allow pets?

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