8 Frequently Asked Questions About Renting A House

Friday, July 7th, 2017
door of new home

Many first time renters have questions and concerns they need answers for before they choose a rent house. Even though the process of finding a home may seem complicated, by following certain steps, you can find the best property for your needs. The following are eight questions you may have as a renter and the answers you need to start finding your next rent house.

1. What’s the first thing I should do when looking for a house?

The first thing you should do before searching for rental homes is decide on an ideal budget. Consider how much of your income goes towards bills and what you have left over at the end of each month. Also, remember that when first moving in, you will need to account for at least a deposit and first month’s rent.

2. What should I do when I’ve found the rent house I want?

In case you haven’t already, go view the properties you are interested in. Your landlord should be more than willing to set up a time for you to walk through the house. Make sure you fill out all the proper paperwork and understand the terms of your renter’s application before signing anything.

3. Why do I need references and what do they entail?

Any prospective landlord will want to ensure that their tenant will not bring problems to their rent house. They want to make sure that you pay your rent on time, and that you will care for and maintain their property.

This process is not something that should worry you. As a potential tenant, you will first be required to give details on your income and employer. You should also provide any previous addresses and expect your landlord to contact utility companies to verify your payment history is in good standing. This is simply a way for the landlord to ensure that you can commit to the responsibility of monthly rental payments.

4. Do I need proof of identification?

Your prospective landlord will want to ensure that you are who you say you are, so you will need proof of identification. They will likely require proof of residency in the form of a utility bill from within the last three months. As proof of identification, be prepared to show your driver’s license or passport.

5. Why am I required to pay a deposit and how is it used?

Putting down a deposit helps show good faith to your landlord that you will keep your new rent house in good condition. This fee also ensures that, should you cause any wear and tear to the home during your stay, it can be corrected. The deposit will be held for the duration of your tenancy by the landlord and most likely returned if the property was left in good shape.

6. Is my landlord responsible for repairs or am I?

When it comes to repairs, your landlord is mostly responsible for maintaining the house and ensuring it stays in proper working order. To be safe, make sure you know who you should call in the event something breaks before and after you move in. You may need to contact the landlord directly, or they could have a maintenance man or team available to call. However, if you cause damage to the property, you may be responsible for the cost of the repairs.

7. Can I decorate or make changes to the house?

Changes like painting or installing new windows to your rent house will generally require direct approval from your landlord. If this is something you want to do, make sure you get permission in writing. Most landlords have no issue with you hanging things on the wall or using your own furniture to decorate. Be careful when using things like large paintings or curtain rods, however, as these can cause more damage to walls than typical decorations.

8. What about my pet?

This subject is highly dependent upon the individual landlord and property. Some houses are pet friendly and some simply are not, while others may enforce breed restrictions or not allow certain species. If the property does allow pets, you will likely be required to pay an additional pet deposit to cover any damages your pet may cause. Look for pet friendly rentals before others to ensure there will be no issues with your pets.

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