7 Ways To Show That You Are The Best Tenant For A Rental Home

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017
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There are several qualities that a landlord looks for in a good tenant. The ideal tenant will make rent payments on time, care for the property, and not cause an eviction. Here are seven things to consider when renting to ensure your landlord sees you as the best tenant for their rental home.

Have decent credit

Generally, a landlord will look for a tenant with a good credit history. Having good or at least decent credit can be vital for renting. A high credit score tells landlords that you are financially responsible and can pay your rent on time. After you apply for a rental home, the landlord may run a credit check to verify your history when it comes to paying bills. It is a good idea to run your own check before you apply so you are prepared for any hiccups.

Some landlords do not require you to have good credit and will even rent to you if you have a history of bankruptcy. In these situations, they will check with utility companies to ensure you are financially responsible along with your credit.

Be able to prove your income

The next thing your landlord will want to know is that you have steady income. They will typically require two months worth of pay stubs to prove you make enough to afford to live there. As a general rule, they will want your income to average around three times the monthly rent payment.

Know you will get a criminal background check

You should expect to have your background checked, so if you have been in trouble with the law, do what you can to fix potential problems. Your ID will be checked to ensure you have provided accurate information, then your criminal history will be screened.

Show that you are stable

When it comes time to prove you can make your payments regularly and that you can be a long-term leaseholder, stability is key. Your previous rental history will be considered, as well as your work history. Your landlord will look for signs that you have lead a stable life and have not bounced around too much. Inconsistent employment or several moves in a short period could raise red flags. Be prepared to explain your situation if this is the case for you.

Try to have references on hand, both from previous landlords and employers. A prospective landlord will typically want to speak with the owners of the last two properties in which you have lived. This is why it is important to remain on good terms with any landlord, as their recommendation could make or break you later.

Be respectful

A good tenant is a respectful tenant. This includes being punctual for every meeting during the application process and looking professional. Dressing in business casual clothes is highly advised when looking at rental homes. The landlord is looking for signs that you can be responsible, so first impressions are important. Be as helpful as you can during the application process. Show your landlord that you are well organized and prepared to handle your side of things.

Always be honest

It is important to always be honest with every landlord. Do not try to hide the fact that you have pets with the intention of sneaking them in later. More importantly, if damages occur in your rental, promptly tell your landlord and be honest about how it happened. Fill out your application honestly as well. Even if there is something in your history you may be worried about, be upfront. If you are caught in a lie later on, you could lose your rental or create additional problems that will hinder you from finding another home. Most landlords are willing to work with honesty over lies, even in difficult situations.

Always keep the rental home clean

A good tenant maintains a rent home and keeps it clean. Landlords will avoid messy tenants however they can to avoid expensive cleaning bills. One way to show a landlord your cleanliness is to arrive in nice clothes and a clean car.

Keep cleanliness in mind after you get the rental home, as well. Remember, your current landlord may be talking to your future landlord when it is time for you to move. You want to give them every reason to give you a good recommendation.

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