6 Tips To Help You Get Your Rental Home Security Deposit Back

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017
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In most states, it is not legal for your landlord to withhold your security deposit for no reason. Many landlords treat their tenants fairly, but some may do anything to try to keep the money you put down for the rental home. If you have kept your rent house clean and followed the guidelines of the lease, you should expect to get that money back. Here are some tips to follow that will help you get your security deposit back.

Be sure to complete a rental home inspection checklist

Take pictures of every room and especially any blemish that exists in your rental house. When your landlord hands you a rental inspection checklist, fill it out thoroughly and make sure everything listed works as it should. Give your landlord a signed and dated copy a few days after you move in. This will prove that any existing damage was not caused by you. If you are not provided with a list, try to find one online and complete the same steps.

Take pictures on the day you move out

Document how your rental house looks when you leave. If you have left it in great condition, give the landlord time stamped pictures the day you move. These prove that you have taken care of the home, and protect you if damage is done by someone else after you leave.

Carefully read your lease

If your lease has an end date, then you can usually move out before or on the date listed in the agreement. However, if you have to give notice, make sure that your landlord gives you a receipt when they receive it. You can lose your security deposit if you break the terms of your lease, so you should understand what it says. If you are renting from month to month, you usually have to give 30 days notice before you vacate the rental house.

Understand landlord and tenant laws

You need to know how rental laws affect your situation. Landlords are required to follow the laws in your area. Some lawyers recommend researching the local statutes where you live, then writing your landlord a letter when it is time to move out. You should state when you are moving and remind them of the laws regarding security deposits. When you do this, you are sending the message that you expect to receive your security deposit back. If the landlord refuses to return the deposit, ask for a detailed reason why some or all of it will not be returned to you.

Return the rental home to its original condition and do a walk through

After you have removed your belongings from the rental house, fill in holes made by hanging pictures, repaint if needed, clean carpets, and deep clean everything. Before you take pictures, make sure all surfaces have been cleaned. Having a final walk through with your landlord will show you both that the rental house was put back in great condition.

A landlord does not have to agree to a walk through with you. Some like to do it at their leisure and without a tenant present. They should present you with a list of any damages and the cost it takes to fix them if anything is found.

Tie up loose ends when you move out of the rental house

Be sure to leave a forwarding address when you drop off the keys. If you need your security deposit sent somewhere other than that forwarding address, be sure to notify the landlord. You should provide them with the information they need to return the deposit to you promptly.

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