6 Tips For Getting A Pet Friendly Rent House

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017
person and pet in new home

Although many rental properties enforce a ‘No Pets’ policy, there are some that will allow you to bring your pet, with certain rules. When approaching this challenge in securing a rent house, be honest with the landlord up front and discuss whatever pets you may have. Pets are often part of a family, and many landlords will see them this way.

Some challenges can arise when you rent with a pet, and sadly this is often the main reason pets end up in shelters. This does not have to be your situation. The following are six tips you should know to help you get a pet friendly rent house.

Provide references

If you have rented with your pet before, you should have your former landlords create a letter or resume. Ask them to indicate how both you and your pet acted responsibly. A new landlord will feel much more comfortable knowing you’re a person with an animal they can trust.

Create an animal resume

You can prepare a resume for your pet much like you would when applying for a job. You can be creative in telling what breed your pet is, how much it weighs, its height, behavior traits, or anything else you find interesting. It can include any training programs your pet has completed along with personal references. This resume can be a huge help for you as a renter, because it lets your landlord know exactly what to expect.

Take responsibility

It is a big responsibility for you to bring your pet onto someone else’s property. Your landlord’s acceptance of you and your animal means they trust you to be responsible and not allow their assets to be destroyed. Make sure your pet doesn’t damage any part of the property, inside or outside. If there are any accidents, contact your landlord immediately and explain. You should also be willing to pay for them and arrange repairs as soon as possible.

Have an agreement in writing

Offering an addendum to your rental agreement may help convince landlords reluctant to accept your pet. Indicate in writing exactly what they can expect from you. Add in that they can hold you responsible for any damages that result directly from your pet’s behavior. Both of you should sign this agreement and be willing to stick with it.

Keep your pet healthy

As a renter with a pet, it is up to you to make sure you and your pet remain welcome in your new home. If your pet violates rules by damaging property, being too loud, or making other tenants uncomfortable, you could ruin it for other pet owners. Taking care of your pet’s health can eliminate issues like rabies or behavioral disorders than can affect other tenants or your landlord.

Find the right rent house

You might find it a challenge to locate a rent house that will accept both you and your pet. However, there are a few tips and ideas that can make it easier for you when you begin your search. The first is to allow yourself time to look for homes that accepts pets. You don’t want to rush into this type of search and have to settle for an area not suited to either of you. Researching animal-friendly listings is a good place to start.

When looking for a new rental home that will allow pets, you should check with family and friends who know of places personally. Social media contacts can be a great resource for finding suitable locations as well. There are also websites to check and community guidebooks that will help you find the best rent house for you and your pet.

If you have pets, finding a rental home that will accept them is vital. At Highland Park Village in Amarillo, Texas, we welcome pets with our spacious floor plans and yards. If you need more information about rental properties in Amarillo or are searching for a new rent home, our team of professionals can help. Contact Us by email or call (806) 335-1451 to learn how you and your pet can be welcomed into our community.