6 Things You Should Never Keep From Your Landlord

Friday, November 3rd, 2017
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Keeping secrets is something everyone has done at some point in their lives, even from their landlords. As a renter, you should realize keeping secrets from your landlord can get you into trouble and affect their property. There are secrets some renters feel they need to keep quiet about, even when they can be potential safety issues. The following are six things that you should never keep from your landlord.

When you begin to share your rental home

When you request to rent a home, the landlord will first perform a credit and background check on you before accepting your application. If you allow someone to come into your rental without the landlord’s consent or approval, they cannot conduct the same check on this person. Keeping your new roommate a secret from your landlord could get you evicted from the home. You will become liable for this person’s actions, and even if damage occurs accidentally, you will be responsible for the costs. There may also be rules in place you are not aware of, like restrictions on the number of occupants allowed to live in a unit. You need to be upfront with your landlord and tell them when you decide to invite someone to live in your rent home.

If you see water stains

Water stains can appear when there is an issue with the plumbing in your rent house. If you notice a water stain on the ceiling, it is imperative you bring it to the landlord’s attention immediately. This stain could be the result of a leak in the roof, or if you live in an apartment, it could mean plumbing issues upstairs. Small leaks are much easier and cheaper to fix than larger ones that take up more space. Let your landlord know immediately if you notice any type of stain caused by water so they can investigate the cause and plan repairs. Water leaks left unattended can cause severe damage to insulation, the framework of the building, the wiring, and even your personal items.

If you lose a key

You may be asked to pay for a replacement key if you lose your original. You may even be required to change your locks to receive a new key, in order to prevent someone from entering your rent home illegally. This cost will be minimal compared to what you could lose if there should be an unlawful entry. If you and your landlord feel there is no risk of someone finding your key, then you will just have the cost of remaking a new one. Let your landlord know if you lose your key, and the two of you can discuss the best solution.

When you bring a pet into the rental home

It is essential that you notify your landlord as soon as you bring home a pet. Some try to sneak pets in to avoid paying required deposits, which can get you evicted. Pets have a reputation for damaging property, so many landlords ask for a deposit in case yours would harm anything. Some landlords require a higher rent amount to have an animal live with you. It could put your pet in danger if you are not honest, so discuss their presence in your rental with the landlord.

If the plumbing is bad

Some plumbing issues appear to be simple, such as a backed up drain or leaking faucet. These problems should be reported to your landlord. If you are aware of these issues and do not report them, you could be held responsible if they turn into more significant problems. If you have caused a problem, it is a good idea to report it immediately. You may be held responsible for the costs, but they will generally be lower if the issue is addressed right away.

If you notice pests

Some tenants do not like to report that they have discovered bedbugs or other pests in their rental home. The fear of reporting pests stems from being afraid of having to pay for an exterminator. Typically, a landlord will pay the extermination costs unless they can prove you were the cause of the pests being on the property. If you did not cause the infestation, then you do not need to worry about paying for it. If the issue can be traced back to you, it is best to tell your landlord anyway. This will prevent the issue from spreading to neighbors and stop it in your rental sooner.

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