6 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Home

Friday, November 18th, 2016
keys to new rental home

If you are looking for a new home, but cannot afford to purchase a house, renting may be a good option for you. You can find yourself as comfortable in a rental home as you might in a house you own, usually with the benefit of fewer responsibilities. There are also additional financial benefits to when you rent a home. The following are six reasons why you may consider renting a home over buying a home in Amarillo, Texas.

No repair bills or maintenance costs

In most rental situations, your landlord is responsible for paying all bills associated with repairs and maintenance. If you buy a home, you may need to pay for extensive repairs. Even a well maintained home will cost you in upkeep and proper care. In addition to little or no maintenance costs, most tenants do not have to care for their yard or trees.

Access to community amenities

Although some neighborhoods do offer homeowners access to a few amenities, apartments and rental communities often have more to offer tenants. Workout centers and a concierge, pool, and hot tub are some of the amenities you may have when you rent a home. Some upscale rental areas offer even more benefits that would cost a homeowner hundreds to thousands of dollars.

No real estate taxes or large down payments

Real estate taxes are usually a hefty cost for homeowners. This is another thing you will not have to worry about if you rent a home. When you purchase a house, you are also typically required to pay a large down payment. Tenants are usually asked to pay a one month rental payment in advance when moving in, but this is much less than a down payment.

Fluctuations in property value

Renters do not have to be concerned about the value of the property. The economy may take a sharp decline or an area can be devalued by crime. These factors can affect the value of a homeowner’s investment. Although you must respect the house you rent, resale value is not typically a concern.

Fixed monthly rental amounts

Renters can more easily budget with a fixed monthly rental payment, while homeowners may have fluctuating bills due to mortgage amounts and property tax. If you rent a home you will also have peace of mind knowing landlords must notify their tenants ahead of time if the rent amount changes.

Low insurance and utility costs

Renter’s insurance policies are less expensive than homeowner’s insurance. Tenants also have the luxury of lower utility costs because the square footage is usually less in a rental home. This means that there is less space to heat or cool, which helps you save money throughout the year.

How to find rental homes in Amarillo, Texas

Finding the right rental home can take time. To learn more about renting a home in Amarillo, Texas, call the experts at Highland Park Village today. We offer a unique rental experience at great prices. You can call us at (806) 335-1451 or Contact Us via email to learn more About Us. Don’t forget to look at our available floor plans and our specials! You can alo visit us in person at 13300 Bandera Dr in Amarillo.