6 Must-Dos After Moving Into A New Rental Home

Thursday, June 28th, 2018
Moving into a rental home

Moving into your new rental home is a time to celebrate. You’ve finished packing up all your stuff and friends or family have helped you move into your new rental home. However, you may ask yourself “Is there anything else I need to do after I’ve moved into a rental home?” Before you start the task of unpacking all those boxes, you’ll want to do a few things to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Check for broken items

If you’ve used movers, you will need to report any broken items within a specific time frame. Go over all your of major appliances and fragile items, checking for damage that will need to be reported and to ensure they are still working. You also need to check that everything actually arrived, so it’s best to have a list of all of your items before the move.

Make sure the locks are new

New locks are a priority, especially for rental homes. This place is now your home, and only you should have a key to open the doors. You don’t want the previous owners or anyone they may have shared a key with walking in whenever they want. Swapping out the locks and creating new keys will give you peace of mind. Be sure to verify with the landlord that the locks and keys have been changed.

Decorate the walls before unpacking

If you have not had the luxury of repainting before you moved in, you will want to get out the paint as soon as possible. However, you will need to verify that it is okay to paint the walls since you are renting a home. If you cannot paint the walls, there are other options that can spruce up your rooms. You can decorate with family photos and artwork, or use more modern features like minimalistic shelving and paint-safe decals. Remember, it will be much more challenging to paint or decorate if all of your belongings are unpacked.

Verify your credit security

Whenever you sign a lease for a new rental home, your personal financial information can get passed around a great deal. If you’ve changed jobs, your new employers, along with landlords, have access to check your credit reports. As soon as possible, and certainly within six months of your move, you need to obtain a copy of your credit report. Make sure there are no inconsistencies and that you have not become a victim of fraud.

Take pictures of every room

Taking pictures of all rooms before you’ve hung photographs or other items may come in handy when you look for another rental home. This precaution is important for rental homes and can be essential when it is time to reclaim your deposit. If you are renting a house, but aren’t moving in immediately, take pictures of the rooms as you saw them when signing the lease. These may come in handy if any damage occurs before you move and could help you save later on.

Know where to put your trash

Moving creates a lot of trash. There are tons of boxes along with the materials used to protect the items within them. Talk with your neighbors, landlord, or anyone else who might know the trash schedule in your area. You don’t want to miss your first pickup day, since this is the time you’ll want to remove the most trash.

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