6 Important Things To Know Before You Rent A House

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017
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There are several factors that go into finding the perfect rental house for your family. You should look at things such as size, affordability, and location. Before entering a lease agreement for a rental house, it is important to make a list of questions for your landlord to answer. Make a time to talk to your landlord about these questions so you can discuss your expectations and needs. There are six other important things you should know as you search for your new rental house.

Know your financial history

Take a close look at your credit report in order to determine if your credit history will be a problem. Credit problems may include late payments, foreclosures, debts, and bankruptcies. Some landlords will not require a good credit history for you to rent a house from them. These landlords often forgive things like bankruptcy and will use other means to see if you will be a reliable tenant. This includes checking with local utility companies to make sure you do not owe any money on previous bills.

Understand payments and due dates

Before you look at rental homes, you need to determine what sort of monthly payment you can afford. Ask your potential landlord what deposits you would be expected to pay. You also need to know when your rent would be due, where to send your rental payment, and what types of payment are acceptable.

Estimate for utility bills

Take into account the monthly expenses you may have to pay for utilities at the rental house. Ask your landlord if you will pay a separate bill for utilities or whether certain bills are added to your rent. Consider calling local utility companies for estimates on your monthly expenses as well.

Ask about maintenance responsibilities

Talk with your landlord about maintenance services that are provided with the rent. Issues with plumbing, appliances, and pest control can cause a lot of stress. You should find out who you can contact if problems arise. Many landlords expect the tenant to deal with some problems on their own, so be sure to ask about maintenance before signing a rental agreement.

Know where you will be parking

If you have a car, parking is a huge factor when deciding on a rental house. In some cases parking is not included in the rental agreement. You may have access to a driveway or your may have to park on the street. Be sure to confirm where you will be parking with your new landlord.

Ask about pet policies

If you have pets, you must discuss any pet policies with your landlord. Many rental homes do not accept pets at all, while others have a limit as to how many animals you can have. Be aware that there are often breed restrictions and pet deposits that need to be paid in order to bring pets to your rental house.

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