6 Affordable Design Ideas For Your Rental Home Kitchen

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Rental kitchens are usually very plain, outfitted with builder’s grade materials and fixtures. The floor, cabinets, and appliances are usually chosen with affordability and durability in mind, instead of aesthetics. Some kitchens are poorly designed and present challenges when you consider how to decorate and use them.

It can be hard not to focus on just one element you particularly dislike in the kitchen of your rental home. Keep in mind there is more to your kitchen than that the refrigerator or a simple backsplash. Here are six non-permanent design ideas that can boost the style in your rental home.

Change or create backsplash

Most people think about permanent elements like tile when they consider changing or creating a backsplash. In a rent house, there are less permanent options for enhancing the space between the countertop and upper cabinets. Affordable faux stamped tin ceiling tiles and peelable wallpaper are two options for customizing this area in your rental home. There are plenty of options available if you choose either of these materials. You should always check with your landlord to make sure any changes to the backsplash are acceptable in your rental home.

An easy solution to update the cabinets

Updating the hardware in the kitchen is an inexpensive and stylish way to include your design preferences in your rental home. Be sure to save the original hardware so that you can replace it before moving out. Round knobs, oval knobs, and industrial style fixtures are all classics that go with just about any style. Most craft or home improvement stores carry plenty of options, including more vibrant or unique products. If you do not want to change the kitchen too much, place colorful baskets or bins on the countertops and cabinets for more storage.

Bring plants inside

Live greenery makes a room feel more like home. Plants soften industrial styles and provide a healthier environment. The easiest way to bring plants into the kitchen is to have a small herb garden that fits on a windowsill, if you have one. This option comes in handy when you need to add herbs to your cooking as well. It is also encouraged that you bring plants into the other rooms of your rent home. Plants are relatively inexpensive and an easy way to brighten any room.

Do not forget about the floor

A great way to express your individual style is to choose a rug for the floor in your kitchen. Black carpets, made of indoor or outdoor materials, or sisal rugs are as easy to clean as tile, but add some classic style. A rental home kitchen is usually going to require a rug the size of a runner, as most are built in the galley style. Do not forget to put a non slip pad under any rug for safety.

Keep clutter off

Most rent houses often have smaller kitchens. The space seems even more claustrophobic if you leave things out all over the counters. Try putting appliances on a cart or shelf to open counter space. If your kitchen has enough space, a rolling kitchen island is a great idea for storage as well. The island can also free up counter space in your rental home to make it look less cluttered.

Solutions for plain appliances

The two best options for dealing with a plain appliance are to distract the view away from it or to make it look better by redecorating. Putting up interesting artwork on the wall will draw the eye away from a boring feature in the kitchen. You can also make shelves and other objects the focal point to direct attention away from the appliances.

If you would rather decorate your appliances, try some do-it-yourself adhesive vinyl. Make sure it will come off of the appliance without permanent damage before adding placing it. A great place to find decorations for the surfaces in your kitchen is a local thrift shop. You can get some really great deals and find some unique items at these stores.

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