5 Moving Tips To Make Renting A New Home In Winter Easier

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018
moving during the winter or holidays

Moving during the winter may not be a first choice for many renters, although there are actually benefits to this. With freezing temperatures, blowing snow, and icy roads and walkways, moving can be difficult. There are some tips that can make the process of moving to your new rent house easier.

Be prepared before you start moving

When moving into a new rent house, it is best to be prepared in any season. During the winter, preparation can mean different things than in warmer months.

Watch the weather

Plan your moving days around the weather. You can check the weather periodically to be sure you don’t need to change your plans. But, remember that you should be flexible because the weather may change suddenly.

Get your car ready

Planning also includes getting your car ready, especially if you are travelling long distances. You should have your car serviced to ensure it can make a long drive in winter weather. Bring blankets, extra clothing, warm boots, and hats and gloves in case you become stranded. Tire chains and ice scrapers are also important to bring. Even if some of these items get in the way of your other belongings, it is better for you to be safe.

Have emergency contacts prepared

When you know the weather will be bad, it is a good idea to have a list of emergency phone numbers handy. This should include roadside assistance, highway patrol, and a number you can call for updated road conditions. You should give someone who is not helping you move or going with you a schedule of your plans. Be sure to update them on where you are while moving. If you need extra time, be sure to let your contact know so they will not worry.

Pack ahead of time

Be sure to start packing early if you plan on moving to your new rent house in winter. You will want everything ready before moving day arrives. Double-pack anything fragile and be sure to leave items that become brittle in cold weather out of the moving vehicle until the day of the move. For electronics, be sure to place them in your own vehicle when you are ready to move them so they can stay at a steady temperature.

Be in contact with the movers

If you have hired movers to take your items to your new rent house, maintain contact with them about the weather and your plans. You can schedule them for your moving date, but if the weather becomes too dangerous, their lives will be more important. Once the move is complete, remember to tip your movers well.

Get your old rent house ready for moving out

You will want to protect your old rental from the elements while you are moving, so be sure to plan this ahead of time. You should have salt and shovels ready to clear the sidewalks and prevent ice from building up on walkways. You should also protect the flooring and carpet of the house by placing cardboard or plastic in high traffic areas. You can also have hot drinks for the movers (or your friends and family if they are helping you) as a thank you.

Prepare your new rental for moving in

Be sure your heat and lights work before your moving day. This is a step you should take when moving into a new rent house in any season. You can check with the landlord of your rental or the utility companies a few days before to confirm this information. It may not be a good idea to use the heater too much on moving day though, because it will have to work harder to heat a colder house.

You should also clear the walkways at your new rent house before moving in. This will protect the people moving your items and your things as well. Remember to cover the floors here too so you do not damage anything before you move in.

Remember the benefits of moving during winter

If you are moving during winter and think that the experience is too stressful, it can help to remember there are benefits, like the following:

  • Many people will wait to find a new rent house until it is warmer or until summer break for their kids, so you will have less competition.
  • You will have more choices and can find better houses, like those that have been recently renovated or remodeled.
  • Landlords and rental companies offer better move-in specials so you can save money.
  • You will not have to worry about moving companies being booked.

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