4 Ways To Make Renting A House With Pets Easier

Thursday, June 27th, 2019
renting with a pet

If you rent a house and have pets, you know it can be difficult to keep your home in good condition. You have likely paid a deposit to the landlord to cover any damages, but it is best to prevent accidents from even happening. Here are some tips that make renting with your pet easier.

Train your pets

Training your dog is a great way to keep your items (and your landlord’s property) safe from damage. Teaching good habits to your dog will ensure that you have a good relationship with your landlord. Renting an apartment can sometimes make this difficult, as there isn’t much space available. This is why renting a house can be a better option.

Walking your pet and playing with them, whether you have a yard or not, can help them get their energy out in a healthy manner. It will also strengthen the bond between you.

Training your pets to have good bathroom habits is vital if you rent. For dogs, it is important to train them when and where to go to the bathroom. For cats, it is important to dedicate a space for their litter box and to keep the area clean. Cats are known for having issues with dirty litterboxes, so cleaning them regularly can keep them and your landlord happy.

Pet-proof your rent home

Whether you have a dog, cat, or both, pet-proofing your rental house is important. There are many steps you can take to keep your pet safe and your rent home in good condition.

  • Get a high-quality trashcan. This will prevent your dog or cat from getting into the trash and hurting themselves.
  • Put pet-related items in separate storage from other items.
  • Provide your cat with something to scratch their claws on besides the couch, bed, cabinets, or doors.
  • Don’t let your dog chew on anything that isn’t yours or anything that is dangerous.
  • Block off specific areas of your home with baby gates. This is especially helpful for puppies in training.
  • Never leave your appliances open, including the oven, washing machine, and clothes dryer. These can severely injure your pet.
  • Cover or hide cords and cables so your pets can’t chew on them.
  • Place medications and chemicals where your pets can’t reach.

Find a pet-friendly rent house

One of the hardest parts of renting a home with pets is finding one that accepts them. If you have a pet or plan on getting one, you should only research pet-friendly rentals. This will prevent any surprises that will cause you to lose your home. Look for places that allow both cats and dogs and make sure to pay attention to any limits or rules that you must follow.

Show that you are a responsible pet owner

You will most likely need to pay a pet deposit, but this shows that you are responsible. If possible, provide references from past rentals that show your pet is friendly. ALWAYS tell your landlord if you get a new pet and never break your lease. Follow all pet policies and make sure to pay your deposit. Also, tell your landlord if your pets have damaged your rent house. It is better to work this out before your lease is up.

Be sure to keep your pet healthy. If they are contagious and come into contact with other animals, it could be seen as your fault. If your cat or dog get out of your home frequently, make sure to get a rent house with a yard and microchip them.

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