4 Red Flags To Look Out For When Looking At Rent Houses

Friday, October 26th, 2018
warning signs to know when looking for rent houses in Amarillo

There are plenty of rental properties on the market that can place you in a home that meets all your needs. There are also scam artists out there who can sometimes put you in dangerous situations. You must use caution and keep your personal safety in mind when answering advertisements for rent houses and apartments. The following are some of the red flags to be aware of when searching for a home to rent. Knowing these can help you avoid any threats to your financial standing and any undue stress.

Have all terms in writing

If you’ve found the perfect rent house, make sure there is a written lease for you to sign. You do not want any confusion regarding the details given during the interview. All details should be included in the lease, such as utilities and who is responsible for them.You will also want to know who is responsible for maintenance and how repairs will be handled. If the details seem vague or you don’t understand some of the terms, make sure they are clarified before signing anything.

Be sure to meet with the landlord face-to-face

A lot of ren houses are listed on the internet and scammers will attempt to seal the deal entirely through the web. Communicating through email is acceptable when you are clarifying details or have questions regarding the property. But, emails and texts should not be your only form of contact. You need to request a face-to-face meeting to ensure this person actually owns the property and that is is available to rent.

Emails can also hold misinformation and are commonly used by those attempting to scam you. There are email templates that look as though they’ve been handwritten, and while hard to spot, they are a good indication that the offer is not legitimate. You may also notice several grammatical errors or odd writing patterns that are other indications an offer is not legit. If you continue to get excuses as to why they cannot meet with you, this is a good sign the deal is not safe.

Your personal information should not be released without permission

When attempting to rent a house, a landlord will almost always ask you for a credit report. The credit report may have a small fee attached and should only be seen by the property owner. Scammers are known to send email requests for these reports that give you a link that is not legitimate. This link will give your credit information and your fee to the wrong party.

Before releasing any personal information, filling out any official forms, or handing over any money, you need to meet with the landlord. A meeting with the landlord at the property is the best way to know you are dealing with a professional. At the meeting, you should be given an official document to fill out for your credit history release.

Check the condition of the rent house and neighborhood

Not only will meeting at the rent house keep your information secure, but it will also verify the description of the property meets the actual listed condition. Looking at rent houses often involves searching through pages and pages of offered properties online and in papers. You may begin to miss details, become exhausted, and even get frustrated. This could cause you to make a rash decision.

When you come across a listing that appears to meet all your needs, take a step back and double check all information. Do a little research and make sure the property is in the advertised condition. You should also make sure it is in a neighborhood where you will be comfortable living. Ask the landlord questions to ensure you are renting the right place for you.

Find rent houses in Amarillo, Texas

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