4 Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Rental Home

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017
door of new home

Renting your home can sometimes mean you have restrictions to follow when decorating. Many rental agreements have a no-damage policy attached to them, so you are unable to use the nails or screws some decorations need. This no-damage rule doesn’t have to ruin your holiday spirit or prevent you from using festive decorations to lift your spirits. There are nail-free and removable ideas that are ideal for celebrating holidays in your rental home.

Create an imitation fireplace in your rental home

Your rental home most likely does not have a massive fireplace for you to sit in front of and stay cozy, or a mantel to decorate. This lack of decor should not stop you from hanging stockings to fill. When you design your imitation fireplace, you can add some fun to your holiday celebrations. Use a giant chalkboard and draw a fireplace with a fire and mantle to put out some eclectic charm. You can also use a removable mantle decal and either decal flames or a decorative fire pillow to create your fireplace atmosphere. This type of holiday decoration should not damage your rental home at all, as every piece is attached to the chalk board.

Display holiday cards

Many holiday cards are displayed on the mantle of a fireplace. If your rental home does not have a fireplace, consider using a picture ledge to show your beautiful cards. Instructions come with these shelves to safely and adequately place them on your wall to make an ideal display area. You can further decorate these ledges with colored, battery operated lights to add more effect and bring more warmth to your decor. Picture ledges can be used to display any holiday decor or your favorite photos. However, be sure to know the weight limits, because the ledge falls, it could damage the wall in your rental home.

Use hooks instead of nails

Hooks with adhesive on the back will be your most straightforward method of hanging holiday decorations. These do not support a lot of weight, but you will find they meet the needs of most decorative wall items and are rental home safe. Another option to create a festive home atmosphere is to use paper decorations. Metallic colored paper cut into shapes and strung along your walls are sure to turn into an elegant and fun banner for any holiday celebration. This paper is fun and easy to work with, and allows you to use all your favorite holiday prints. You will be able to put together a fun and natural focal point in your rental home for any holiday party.

Use tape to protect the walls

The key to decorating your rental home is to reach for the tape instead of the heavy toolbox and nails. Tape is much less intrusive and won’t leave large holes in your walls. If the tape leaves any marks on the paint, you can quickly cover them up. Tape will also give you options like being double-sided and being able to adjust the length and width.

Just because you rent a house doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday season with festive decorations. Living in a rental house still provides you with optional ideas to adorn your home with fantastic holiday celebration decorations.

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