10 Things To Consider When Looking For Your First Rental Home

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018
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It’s an exciting time when you are looking for your first rental home. This is most likely your first step towards independence, but it is not a step you want to rush into. Finding your first rent house is a process and a commitment that you should prepare for. Before you begin looking for your new home or signing a lease, consider these factors.

Be careful about getting scammed

There are a lot of ways to be scammed while looking for houses to rent. Some landlords may ask you to pay a fee to view the rental home. This request is a warning sign that something is not right about the property. Another warning sign is if the landlord insists that you agree to the lease on their verbal description only. You should never exchange money or sign agreements without actually seeing the property first.

Talk with the landlord

Be sure to question the landlord to find out if they live on-site and how easy it will be for them to address any issues. Pay attention to their personality and try to find out if they will give you space or if they might invade your privacy. Landlords have a huge impact on rental home living. They could even ruin the experience, so be sure to find a rent house with a landlord you can trust.

Check out the neighborhood

Neighbors will also play a large part in your new living experience. When you are viewing rental homes, look at your neighbors’ properties to see if they are well kept. You should consider if it will be safe for you and if it will be quiet or lively. If neighbors are outside fighting or if something seems unsafe, the rental home you are viewing may not be best for you.

You can check out the neighborhood during different times of the day and even at night. See if you will have trouble with parking or if there is too much traffic. Visiting the rental home at different times will give you an idea of the area’s living conditions and whether or not you can accept them.

Check the pet policy

You may not have a pet at the time you move into your first rental home, but you may want one at a later time. Ask about the pet policy in place and what the terms contain. A rent house may allow pets if you agree to pay an extra deposit and some only allow certain types of animals. If you feel the pet policy may be a concern later, it is better to know before you make the big move.

Understand how utilities work

While some rental homes include the utilities in the monthly rent, others do not. Ask about water, gas, and electricity costs, as well as cable and internet. Find out whether utilities are included or if they are paid separately each month. If you are responsible for each utility bill, ask for a monthly estimate from friends and family to help plan your budget.

Check water pressure

While looking for rent houses, many forget to check the water pressure. If you notice it is low, you can talk about it with the landlord to see if it can be repaired before you move in. You don’t want to move into a new home only to find the water barely drips when you take a shower or that the toilet hardly flushes.

Open cupboards, drawers, and doors

Rental home cupboards, drawers, and doors can show you how many times an area has been painted. The more a rental home has been painted, the harder it may be to open doors and drawers. If any openings pose a problem, this would be an issue to address with the landlord before making any decisions.

Check the power outlets

Knowing where the power outlets are located in the rental home will make a big difference in setting up your T.V. system and other devices. Be sure to check the number of power outlets so you can use all the appliances you’re bringing.

Know the costs involved with renting a home

Security deposits are required on almost all rental homes. This deposit protects your landlord in the event you leave without notice or damage the house. Other costs may also be required such as the first month’s rent in advance or rental home insurance.

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