10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Rental Home

Thursday, October 19th, 2017
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Many people choose to rent homes for a variety of reasons. Even though you do not own a home as a renter, when it comes to personalizing your space, you have a lot of options. Before making changes to your rental home, check with your landlord to make certain of what is allowed. Written permission is the best way to ensure you don’t get surprised when you move out. Once you have permission, you can create a living space that suits you perfectly with these ten decorating ideas.

Invest in big pieces

One thing that doesn’t need prior approval is furniture. Spend some time shopping around for pieces you know you’ll love for years to come. Look for sturdy furniture that is either new or gently used so you can get the most of it. If you find a piece that needs a little updating, you can repaint or slipcover it.

Brighten up your house

Look for the lighting that suits your design style, like lamps, torchieres, and even chandeliers. With your landlord’s approval, you can swap out light fixtures and bulbs to create the right mood for your home. Be sure to carefully store the original fixtures and replace them before moving out so you can get your deposit back.

Use wall space

Nothing describes you better than the pictures and artwork you love. Cover your walls with favorite items like family photos, framed memories, and unique finds. You can group them postcard-style or get matching frames for a cohesive look. Choose a statement piece for the entryway or above the bed to give a burst of personality to your home.

Frame the space

Curtains aren’t just for covering up windows. You can use a sheer curtain to create privacy and bolder fabrics to turn an ordinary window into an eye-catching work of art. You can also use curtains to create partitions in lofts or larger spaces. If you don’t have a door, a spring-rod will hold a spare shower curtain to create privacy.

Decorate the floor

Whether your rental has carpet or solid flooring, area rugs can liven up any room. Look around for smaller floor-coverings that match your style. You can get a quick burst of color to make your home even more inviting by using multiple styles and colors in each room.

Replace cabinet knobs and door knobs

Renters don’t get to choose the look of the cabinetry, but you can easily swap out the knobs. Home improvement stores, resale shops, and craft websites have numerous types of drawer pulls and doorknobs to choose from. Be sure to save the originals and replace them when you move out.

Focus on the big picture

Couches tend to be the focal point of a home, but remember that your bed can also serve as an art piece. Add a bold headboard and footboard to make a statement piece out of your ordinary furniture. Use some comfortable yet stylish linens and a fun piece of art on the wall above to personalize your sleeping area.

Use plants to increase oxygen

News headlines often warn of indoor pollution, but a few hard-working plants can help alleviate those concerns. Your local greenhouse can help you find the right air-purifying plants for your home, but don’t forget about decorative plants. A splash of color combined with air-exchange will have you breathing easy.

Work with what you have

Older rent houses have what is referred to as charm, which is a nice way of saying different building style. If you don’t like older homes, you can still work with what you have. Use the decorations you love to spruce up the odd corners. Consider making those areas seasonal spots and swap out the decorations with each holiday. If all else fails, hang a curtain over areas you don’t like or put a tall lamp in them to draw the eyes upwards.

You can personalize your home for an affordable price

Personalizing your space often seems like an expensive ordeal. Utilize thrift stores and resale shops whenever possible to help save money when redecorating your space. Be careful of buying upholstered items second-hand, however. It can be difficult to tell what bugs might have hitched a ride. Find a reputable reseller for couches and armchairs, and shop sales for new mattresses.

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